Conversations with a Deity

Talking to a Deity

By Vanamee

You are probably wondering how one converses with a deity. I can tell you right off the bat to forget about hearing voices. It isn't like that. If you know anyone who hears voices in their head, encourage them to seek medical help as soon as possible.

So if it isn't like hearing a voice in your head, then what is it like? At this point I have to give you the usual mumbo jumbo BS about how you can't understand if you haven't experienced it, like trying to explain a sunset to a man blind from birth, except that there's a pretty good chance you may have experienced something like it. Talking to a deity is a lot like telepathy.

Ah, but doesn't that take us back to hearing voices? Well, no, because telepathy isn't like that either. Telepathy isn't at all like how it's presented by our faithful entertainment industry. For one thing, it isn't at all useful for anything practical (except that it makes for some dynamite sex). There's also a reasonable chance that you have experienced it without realizing it, or have observed it in others.

My spouse and I have been married for over twenty years. We entered the usual rough period after a few years, and with much work and forebearance reached a state of partnership and understanding, an experience I heard best described as "going through the fire, and coming out the other side."

Soon after that, we noticed that we could have detailed conversations in about three words and a grunt. On numerous occasions when others asked "What was that all about?", we would both relate the same detailed conversation, agreeing on far more detail than anything we had actually said. If you haven't experienced this yourself, you've probably seen it in your parents, or one of your friends, or one of your friends parents.

Once we started paying attention, we discovered that we were doing it quite a lot. After a few years of practice we discovered after the fact that we had progressed even farther. One of us would start to say something, and then stop. On introspection we found that we would occasionally begin to make an opening remark about some topic, and then catch ourselves because we already knew what each of us was going to say, so there was no point in actually having the discussion. I think this happens a lot more than people realize, and it sure sounds (and feels!) like telepathy to me.

Talking to the goddess is a lot like that. I don't remember having a conversation with her, but if I had, then I know what we both would have said.

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